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Company Information:

Ameredev II, LLC
5707 Southwest Parkway
Building 1, Suite 275
Austin, Texas 78735

Office: (737) 300-4700
Fax: (737) 300-4701

Owner Relations (toll free): (888) 674-4888

Contact Inquires Related To
Revenue/Royalty Accounting
  • Payment inquiries and lost checks
Accounts Payable
  • JIB statements for working interest owners
  • Vendor Inquiries
Owner Relations
  • Ownership changes and transfers

General Forms

Document PDF
Form W-9
Address Change Form
Texas Royalty Owners Notice

Change in Ownership Forms

Document PDF
Change in Marital Status
Change in Trustee
Affidavit of Heirship
Intestate (Died Without A Will)
Testate (Died With a Will)
Ownership Change Requirements